>Black Dagger Brotherhood

>4/20/2007 03:56 AM

Up and at ’em. Got the coffee made and am sitting at the puter having a cup. Thinking about JR Ward this morning and how she does what she does. How do you get a voice so perfect, come up with a story so amazing, simply entertain so damn well by laying it out all there?

It’s that Black Dagger Brotherhood series…I am fascinated by the “why”! Why does it work so unbelievably well??? What has she done so perfectly??? The parts she has wrapped up and poked with a bow have to do with these things:

  • the main characters are “brothers”–they behave with fierce loyalty, crazy male humor toward siblings, protective and self-sacrificing instincts–they are guys! And they act like guys! It’s a peek into their world and we’re happy to see that men actually do have all the ideals and deep feelings we always thought they did.
  • the brothers are gorgeous, have all the latest gadgets, limitless supplies of cash, talk in the coolest vernacular and even use words created for the story world which we get to learn. They use all the stuff (the Hummer and the Razr’s and all the techno equipment and brand-name clothing and liquor) and they think it’s all cool too, but in a “wow, this is damn fantastic” kind of way and are not self-important about it.
  • the world of vampires has an order to it and rules and strange customs…and we as readers get to be voyeurs. No humans get to see this stuff! The only references to humans in the books (other than the love interests and Butch) basically show them being oblivious and protected by the vampires without humans even knowing it–or if they do find out, not remembering because of the special powers of the vampires. Oh, but NOT the reader! Not US! We get to look in and see it all!!! And wo! What we’re seeing. The lust, the sex appeal, the utter maleness of the world. Being a voyeur never felt so good.
  • And speaking of that…special powers! Which are amazing and unusual and they meld together sooo well in a crisis because everyone (even the guys that the other guys are a little skittish about) has something important to bring to the table. Everyone is valued and understood and accepted in that “man way” that women just do not do. Every good thing that is different between men and women is there…
  • Each guy has a distinct history and cool back story that is not laid out in one fell swoop. We learn about them like we’re meeting them–a little at a time.
  • The interaction between the personalities of the men stays true. Each one behaves in the best interest of the brotherhood while still pursuing their own dreams and needs.
  • The sex is HOT, unusual, and full of emotional angst. It portrays men as the creatures women believe in their heart of hearts they truly are–devoted, loving, giving, wonderfully possessive, driven, protective, and trustworthy. They are portrayed as so different from females, and yet, in the books, absolutely cannot live without us, are totally turned on by us and love us in way so complete and consuming as to be visceral in its instinctual drive. This may be what she has done the most effectively–these guys are a FORCE, and yet, without the women in their lives, they are incomplete. Seriously, it’s an amazing feat she’s accomplished in just that realm.

There’s more and I could go on and on. The books are a nexus…everything comes together in such a sweet flavor and aroma that you can’t help but be drawn to the kitchen to check it out. I just have to wonder how many years of practice it would take to learn to write like that…she doesn’t look old enough! LOL


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