>Didn’t end up golfing…so got to write

>Got to write after all…no golfing today–member of the team got sick.

Officially got 26 pages done this weekend, though. It ain’t 50, but it’s okay. The story is coming along great! I’m thrilled with the fact that it’s going easy for a change mostly because I’m sticking to my outline.

I also read a short novel this weekend, Adam’s Fall by Sandra Brown, one of her Loveswepts from 1988. They are reprinting her stuff in hardback. Oh, and still reading this wild story by Tielle St. Clare called New Year’s Kiss–it’s taking me a while to get that one read. If you read it, you’d understand why…

This is the story I’m doing for the Brava contest. As soon as it’s done (should be done by 5/2), I’ve got to get back on Dish and finish it up. I’ve got that story back on track, but I’m afraid I was swayed by the jungle drums of Rent A Husband <grin> and had to write it first.


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