>First Review for Hawkes Abandon!

>Got my first review this morning for Hawkes from ecataromance! Very exciting! The reviewer’s name is Sheryl, and she gave it 3-1/2 stars. Also, rated it “Sizzling = romance with graphic non-traditional sexual scenes i.e. bondage, ménage, m/m, f/f ect.”

“Ally Lawson loved and lost Hawkes Brandon when they were young and she was stupid. And now she finds herself facing him again, all to make his mother happy. But Hawkes’ life is anything but sedate, an agent for the FBI, Hawkes wants to leave his current job, only problem, his superior and boss, Agent Cushman, won’t let him. Because everything and everyone is not as they seem and the danger is coming right for Ally and Hawkes, they must learn everything they can about the coming attack, before they can rediscover the love they lost. That is if they survive the coming storm.

“Suspense and danger go hand in hand in this great story of the paranormal. I really enjoyed Ally and Hawkes, their story was different and unique, using their minds to survive what could have been a tragedy. Moira Reid has been able to make this book a believable delight, with characters that are strong but also have weaknesses, just like an everyday person. Anyone reading Hawkes Abandon will not be disappointed by this very enjoyable story.”


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  1. >Cool review – congrats! 🙂

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