>15k on RAH

>Am up to 15k on Rent-A-Husband now. Completely lost my focus and drive the past few days but hoping this weekend to get it back. I think I’m just really tired. The weather today isn’t helping much either…rainy days make me want to climb into bed and sleep. Lame excuse, huh?

Meanwhile, I want to get the first draft of RAH story done by the end of next week (it’s only going to be 30k for the Brava Contest), so I can get back on Dish and get that story done in the first draft. I’m not far from done on either story really. It’s always this very spot–close to the end–where I lose steam, and now I’m in this spot on 2 books!!! ha! No wonder I’m feeling tired.

It’s fear. While a book is in progress (*early progress*) it is still good in my head…but as I approach the ending, I realize it’s crap and I’m a talentless hack. (Or at least that’s how it feels.) I go through this same rigmarole every single time.

Well, the only thing to do is keep moving. So, this weekend, I want to do 50 pages…that’s my goal. If I can get 50 done, I’ll be over the big hump of despair and onto the place in the book where hope of “maybe it’s not sooo terrible” which springs back to life.


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  1. >Amazing how we beat ourselves up over our writing.Hope the next 50 pages just flies from your fingertips!

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