>13 pages yesterday

>Did some word wars with CP last night and finished up the day with 13 pages on Rent-A-Husband. Some of it wasn’t terrible. LOL Started a scene (per my outline) last night, and it ended up completely different than I’d planned…and I have to say, I liked it better than what I’d planned. That’s the whole trouble I have with outlining to begin with. The outline always ends up changing somewhere along the way. Maybe that’s what is supposed to happen.

Picked up Stephen King’s On Writing again last night and read some on what he talked about regarding first drafts, and he’s definitely against plotting the novel. He says he likes to begin with the situation, then move onto the characters–then he does what he calls “unearthing the fossil.” Honestly, I’ve tried doing that, but the novels always end up sprawling all over the place before they come to a close, and the rewrites are unbelievably hard. So, this time, I really plotted the entire thing, beginning with the characters, GMC and theme, then proceeding to outlining basic scenes to tell the story.

It’s very difficult for me to see all the way through to the end of the story though. And even though I’ll plot the whole thing, it seems like right around 3/4 of the way through, something goes off my “planned” track, and I usually follow that path, if for no other reason than I usually am more interested in that path than the one I thought of weeks before.

Had lunch with a writer buddy of mine yesterday from Sedalia, and she said, “You always have so many ideas.” I thought to myself, “Ideas aren’t tough…it’s turning them into a compelling story that is the trick.” And I think that’s the difficulty I’m having. What I think is compelling might not be what somebody else does! LOL

Also chatted with CP last night between ww rounds and we discussed erotica/romantica (whatever you want to call it) vs. typical romance fiction. I think what we’re both coming around to thinking is this: we want to write stories that have romantic elements, but first are STORIES. We don’t want to write romance (read love scenes) that are tied together by the barest of stories that appear to exist only to hold the love scenes together!! Now, others may have figured this out already, but I can tell you from my perspective, I’ve tried both, and writing love scenes and tying them together is not my favorite thing to do. The mystery/suspense aspects of the stories and the character interaction are much more interesting to me than the love scenes. It’s like I told CP: How many screaming orgasms can a character have before she finally says, “Hell, how about some ice cream for a change?”



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2 responses to “>13 pages yesterday

  1. >I agree about plot versus sex! And I enjoy books about something outside the characters (a treasure hunt, serial killer, etc) rather just just the situation that leads to sex. Too bad sex sells. . .

  2. >There is no sex in The DaVinci Code, Gone With The Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird, any of the Harry Potter’s, the entire Left Behind series, Carrie, Gerald’s Game, (hell, any Stephen King book), The Firm…(just to name the ones that jump into my memory)…. What I mean is other stuff sells too. If it’s GOOD, it will SELL. These are my hopes, anyway, since my love scenes don’t seem to have any *zip* lately… sighDeb

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