>Got 10 more pages

>10 more pages done on Rent-A-Husband. It’s starting to come together now and the excitement is building toward the big finish. I’m over 35k now, which is bad since the word limit was like 30k for the Brava thing and I’ve still got scenes to write to finish it up, but I’m sure I can edit it back to 30 when I’m all done. Cutting is much easier in a lot of ways.



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3 responses to “>Got 10 more pages

  1. >Yay, great to hear you’re almost there. 🙂

  2. >Now, when I edit, I always end up adding words! Yikes! Unless that scene just ain’t working, then it’s pretty easy to hit the delete key!

  3. >There’s nothing easy about hitting the delete key sometimes…it’s always the scenes I struggled over that end up needing to be deleted and I always *try so hard* to find a way to keep them! “Murder your darlings!” My mantra!

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