>10 more last night

>Got another 10 for RAH last night. Did some word warring with Shannon, and she’s a riot. Great gal to write with. Only wrote for like 30 minutes, and I got 1900-some words. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my hands the last few days, so I broke out the voice activated software and headset to give my hands a break. I can *talk* like nobody’s business! LOL Did skip over the love scene though…just can’t bring myself to “talk” that one. There’s nothing that makes me feel more ridiculous than saying stuff like “He touched her thigh…etc.” OUT LOUD. Ha!

Still hoping to get that story done this week so I can get back to Dish and finish it up, too. Plenty of time to go back, reread and edit RAH in time for the submission deadline to Brava. This time, I’ve learned my lesson on sending stuff out too soon. If I had it to do over, I’d have let Seduction 101 sit a while, but I got overzealous and sent it out without giving myself time to let it “cool.” Reread it recently and found some typos (which is bad enough), but also found some places I should have tightened the heck out of it and didn’t. If it comes back to me rejected, I’ll be making those changes before it goes out again, that’s for sure.

Been keeping track of Yo’s productivity, and she’s a wild and crazy typing-like-mad writer. She’s not feeling well, and *still* writing like nobody’s business. She lives on the other side of the planet in Australia, and there’s something that just fascinates me about the fact that it’s turning into winter there now when it’s just now Spring/early Summer here and she’s like a whole day or something ahead of me. (Still can’t manage to figure that out…small brain.)

That’s one really cool thing about the internet. I actually converse with someone regularly I would never have known existed before the worldwide web. For all the crap that’s on the web, stuff like talking to people you’ve never seen in person, Google Earth, up to the second news, online publishing, information available at my fingertips on any subject at any time of day, blogs…now all that stuff is beyond cool.


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  1. >Oh, thanks Deb! You’re too sweet. 🙂 If the muse grabs a hold of me and just wants the story to be told – I gotta do it! Lol. 😀 Good luck on getting the story done too!The hemishpere thing’s funny, isn’t it? Just as I’m starting my day, you’re winding down the previous day. :DHave a great weekend!

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