>Okay, finished first draft of RAH

>Got first draft of RAH done…41,700…oops. A little long. Well, gonna let it sit a week or two and then come back and chop the heck out of it. Got to get down to 30k which shouldn’t be that hard because a lot of it is crap! LOL (I’m hoping while it sits on the computer, it will improve itself! ha!) If it ends up longer, (which often happens in the second draft, alas), I might just make it be long and send it to Brava as a full novel instead of for the novella contest. The heck with fighting my usual length!! CP says don’t fight it! Maybe I just won’t. We’ll see…it’s gonna marinate a while for now.

So back onto Dish. I can’t even remember what that story was about now. Gotta reread a little and see what in the heck I was doing on that. I have NO IDEA how these writers do more than one story at once. I sooo cannot keep more than one thing in my head at a time.

Word Wars with Lyric got the first draft done. Now, we’re moving onto the next. She’s working on Temptation City. Also found Shannon a second ago, and she’s going to do some ww’s too.

You’d think a person would stop and celebrate when they finish a first draft, wouldn’t you? Hmm…does having another cup of coffee count as celebrating??

My sis called yesterday morning, and I said, “Wait, I gotta have a drink of this coffee first.” She goes, “Ah, the elixir! The nectar of life…”

Now that is funny…and true.


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