>Woohoo! Big Sunday!

>Major productivity on Sunday! Finished first draft of A Dish Served Cold. Finished first draft of Rent-A-Husband. Got 3500 words on new story I’m calling The Watch.

It was the word war to end all word wars. Lyric and L. Shannon and I are the Word Warrior Women!! We wrote practically all day on Sunday from about 8 am until 7 pm EDT. And what a blast it was. The funniest part for me was the ending paragraph I wrote on Dish. It was the most terrible pile of crap ever written, and I laughed until tears ran down my cheeks. We were supposed to be doing a 10 minute WW, and when it was done, I’d written 35 words. Lyric goes, “What are you doing over there?” I said, “I can’t stop laughing at that piece of sh*t I just wrote!”)

Ah well, I’ll cut it in the second draft and some stroke of genius will come along. LOL If not, I’ll keep laughing…

Here it is (warning to all reading this: this is truly a stinking pile of crap, but it is funny. Hold your noses):

Alex turned to David and took his hands in hers. “So you do believe me? I never had an affair with Foxx. I had no idea what Meredith was up to when she took me to his apartment that day. I would never have done anything to hurt you.”

David pulled her into his arms. “I believe you. I can’t believe I ever doubted you. I love you, and if you’ll still have me, I want to marry you as soon as possible. No big ceremony, no hundreds of guests in the society pages or any of that bullshit. I just want you.”

“That suits me just fine,” Alex said.

It might take years for the two of them to get over the strange happenings of the past week, but they had the rest of their lives and all of the money in the world to help them forget.

I swear I am still laughing at that. That’s what I like to call, “Wrap it up and go eat dinner.”


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  1. >Snicker. . . I have quite a few scenes that sound suspiciously similarly stinky — yep, that old delete finger gets quite a work-out during second drafts!

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