>Listening to Meatloaf…

>Having flashbacks to my younger years…listening to Meatloaf, Back Into Hell.

Also, (can you even believe it?) rereading Envy by Sandra Brown for about the tenth time. I love that book!

Struggling with my own manuscript, The Watch, at the moment–wrote 3500 words on Sunday and have since cut down to 2500 then cut some more…there’s really not much left now. The idea I’ve come up with is so nuts I’m like, “Who’d want to read this crap?” LOL Thinking about setting it aside for a while and working on the second draft of Lottery. I haven’t looked at it since I finished the first draft and can barely remember what it’s about, so it’s time.

Supposed to be working on something new this month and next, but based on how The Watch is going, I’m thinking I’ll retool that plan. Maybe if I let it sit a while the idea won’t seem quite so ridiculous. All I keep thinking when I’m plotting it out is, “Beam me up, Scotty.” ha!



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4 responses to “>Listening to Meatloaf…

  1. >Hey Deb! Don’t sweat it, just go with the flow. Maybe you just need to let the idea sit a while longer until it grabs you and doesn’t let go. ;)I’ve got a few novels like that at the moment… in first draft, need to be revised and I can hardly remember what happened in them. That’s great, I reckon!

  2. >I agree with Yolanda….let it sit for a while and it’ll come to you. Can’t wait till Sunday! 🙂

  3. >I have quite a few pages in my notebook with ideas that need to ferment. Sometimes it’s just not the write time to write that particular story. . .Chin up!

  4. >The writer wisdom abounds…yep, it’s gotta sit a little! Thanks you guys! Fab support system!

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