>Getting it done…

>8243 words cut from Rent now…cut entire stupid scene this morning. I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote that mess. LOL Interestingly enough, I’d deviated from my outline at that point. Big no-no. Sometimes things go well when I deviate…not that time. Out it went. I’m on the big fight scene now, then I need to retool the ending. Hopefully by then, I’ll be down around 30k. I’m a little over 34k at the moment. Started around 41k. Amazing how much crap there is to cut.

And does tightening the writing feel good or what? I look like I know what I’m doing if somebody reads it now. LOL

Paid my late book fine at the library yesterday. Ouch. I’d forgotten about those research books I borrowed about Connecticut for Dish. They got buried under some papers on the table. The librarian (who buys signs from me all the time, so he knows me pretty well) said, “You’re an upstanding citizen again.” LOL

Bought a new Harlequin Intrigue yesterday…Juror No. 7 by Mallory Kane. Heard Intrigue is looking for new writers (again!), so I’m going to dissect this baby and see if I can ever produce a serviceable category romance. I’ve tried plenty of times, but I always deviate into places I know Harlequin wouldn’t go–but can’t seem to stop myself! I need to do this just to prove to myself that I can, in fact, follow the rules when I have to.

Hawkes started out as a straight erotica story (my first attempt at trying to write the stuff), but it quickly turned into an “Intrigue” type story; I really do like those kinds of books. And I can only write so many sex scenes before I’m like, “Oye, enough already. Get out of bed and do something!” Unfortunately, the editor at Harlequin said the mother in the book played too big a part in the story and wanted me to change it–and I didn’t want to. Cobblestone liked the mother (and so did I), so I went with them instead. I really would like to write an *actual* Intrigue, though…just to say I can do it. After many attempts at it over the years, I’ve never quite gotten it right. (The first book I sent them was in 1987 or 88 and I’ve sent at least 4 since then).


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