>Finished the second draft of Rent! Whoopee! And hey, it’s not bad at all. How thrilling is that. Cut all the crap out, and now it’s not stinking up the place anymore. What is frightening is that there were over 8000 words of crap in there!!! LOL (Actually, could still be some…will wait until the third draft to determine that one.)

Picked up Lottery and started rereading it. Have to say, this one starts off better than I remembered. I need to write today for word wars, but I also need to reread this thing. Hmm…gotta figure out a direction here. Shannon is sleeping like a log–got her up at 4 am to ww with me (after only 3-1/2 hours of sleep for her!), and she made it until 6, then had to lie back down. No luck waking her a few minutes ago! LOL

Lyric’s gonna ww tomorrow with us. So, all that means is that I’ve got to get some plotting done on Watch so I’ll have something to write on. Will continue read Lottery tonight or something.

Anyway, PARTY! I finished the second draft! *confetti*


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