>Still reeling

>Okay, yesterday was the perfect example of how a day can be TOPS and BOTTOMS. Finished the draft of Rent (top) and it appears that Miss Snark has retired (bottom). Cannot believe how depressed I got over that. Only thing that occurs to me this morning is a line from a song: “Every good thing must come to an end, and it was the same with the wildwood weed.”

I sent notes to everybody I knew bemoaning the inevitable…hoping somewhere, someone would have an answer to the question: but how can we stop this??

I completely agree with the poster on her blog who said we’re like those following behind Forrest Gump as he ran…until he stopped. “What do we do now?” When I saw it in the movie, I never understood it. Now, that entire scene has a sad, echoing resonance.

Much love and hugs (and gin) to Miss Snark in her future life sans-snarklings. It’s not often a person finds a way to affect human lives like she did with the blog. I offer my congratulations and my eternal gratitude for her work.

I am also reminded of the last line from Charlotte’s Web: “It is not often someone comes along that’s a true friend and good writer. Charlotte was both.” For all her hard work, Miss Snark managed to be both, too. (The gin intake would have probably killed Charlotte.)


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  1. >Miss Snark was quite a happening place. I didn’t visit often because I had to tear myself away (huge sucking noise inserted here). . . Chin up. . .hopefully someone with as much snark (and as much gin) will take her place!

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