>Spent the weekend working on In the Cards


Decided to put in another proposal into the In The Cards line at Cobblestone Press. The books will ultimately be released as print anthologies which would be completely fab (if I get into one of them! ha!).

This entry was for Innocence. I did Birth last week. Five new cards come out every Friday–at least until they’ve got 25 of them out there.

Deanna mentioned she was looking for some female vampires in the series–guess everyone was doing male vampire/female human (which I must confess is what I did for Birth), so this story has the vampire as the female.

The interesting part is I *like* the female vampire better. She’s one kick-ass heroine. Petite, blonde and innocent looking, her looks are deceiving…she packs some serious punchitude.

Also worked on Pay Dirt (previously Lottery) this weekend, but that is going much slower. Not sure why this damn book is so painful, but it is. I’m pretty sure it’s a motivational problem–the characters are doing things I’d never believe in the real world, and that’s ticking me off. Gotta get them back on the reality train…

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  1. >Good luck with your ITC proposal. I put in two as well. . . and am thinking about a third. . . although my muse just dropped off a really cute Christmas idea. I’m off to the submission guidelines to see if I have enough time to write the darn thing and get it submitted in time.

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