>Oh, here’s a wacky one–got one of my submission packages for Dangerous Truth back in the mail yesterday (that I’d sent to 2 agents).

I guess it’s rejected since it came back…but here’s the funny part. There was NO NOTE, NO NOTHING INSIDE THE ENVELOPE except for my proposal! Nothing written on the pages…no return address…nada.

LOL I’m not even sure which one of them sent it back–there wasn’t even a postmark!!!

Is that weird or what? It’s like it just magically appeared in my mailbox! I’m thinking the vampires delivered it the previous night! They could have at least knocked on the door and given me some tips for the In The Cards proposals…



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2 responses to “>Wacky

  1. >Hmm. Sounds like somebody was overwhelmed and decided to clean their desk off. In a hurry. So sorry, Debra!

  2. >Wow…you’re going to have to start color-coding the envelopes or something so you know which of them sent it back. Can’t believe it came with nothing. .. geez.

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