>Worst Covers of 2006


Cover Cafe has released the results! The worst romance novel covers of 2006 is here. I saw this on Sonja Foust’s blog and think it is hilarious. (Thanks Sonja! http://blog.sonjafoust.com for pointing this out!)

Take a look at Cover Cafe’s winners (or is it losers) of the year: (Also keep in mind that it really isn’t the author’s fault! Writers don’t get a lot of control over the cover design…but somebody probably should have on a few of these. Some are a little freaky.)

This one was not first place, but it was my personal favorite. I used to have a t-shirt that looked very similar! LOL Which goes to show how my taste runs…



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2 responses to “>Worst Covers of 2006

  1. >Hilarious! I’m definitely going to check the other covers out! Actually, this could have been my book cover about 12 years ago…Where did you get the t-shirt? You never know when a gal will need something like that!Stunning blog, BTW, Debra!

  2. >Thanks Antonia! Considering my trials and tribulations with computers lately, it’s a wonder the blog is still intact! :-)I wonder what ever happened to that T-shirt. I wore that thing everywhere! It never failed to get a comment from somebody…

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