>Going Blonde!


Off the subject of writing for a minute, I’m GOING BLONDE next Tuesday! Woowee! We’ll find out if they have more fun or not… It’ll really be more of a golden red/lighter blonde kind of mix. I can’t do my whole head blonde…my real color is way too dark to be able to get all the way to platinum (so says my hair chick). But I was thinking about it, and I was like well, I’ve been a brunette, I’ve had black hair, red hair, highlighted hair, short hair, long hair…curly hair, straight hair…but NEVER BLONDE. So, it’s time. What the heck…if it sucks, I can always go back to dark.

Told hubby about it last night (that I was doing it next Tuesday), and he said, “Well, they have more fun.” I said, “We’ll find out.” He goes, “I never dated a blonde.” I’m like, “Well, get ready dude.” He looked a little scared about the whole thing to tell the truth, so I’m not sure what his deal is…but too bad. It’s going blonde.


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  1. >I’ve been blonde and am now red. . .I THINK redheads have more fun. . .we’re more mysterious anyway!We’ll have to compare notes and see what you think!

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