>Haven’t blogged in a while


Haven’t posted since last Friday; I’ve been on vacation from work all week and have been chilling out at home. I have still been writing every day, just not getting up very early to do it! It’s 8:30 a.m. now.

Cobblestone Press is having another BIAW beginning July 9th, and I got excited about it and decided to do a little plotting/planning. Well, got so interested in the story (called Bone Deep), I wrote 10k already then decided I should leave the other 20k for the *actual* book in a week. I was supposed to finish Pay Dirt editing by the end of June, and I’m a little behind, so I’ll work on that for the next few days and see if I can get it done. I’m on page 90-ish right now on the 65k manuscript which is growing as I edit instead of getting shorter.

Okay, fessing up: chickened out on the blonde thing. Maybe another day…red is gonna have to stay a while. Was telling Yolanda Sfetsos that it would be good for writing research to be blonde…see how people behave differently, etc. But I just kept picturing a hair catastrophe and crapped out on it.


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2 responses to “>Haven’t blogged in a while

  1. >That’s what I did with my Christmas tale. .. then decided to hell with it and just finished it!Now. . .to come up with yet another idea ~ Oh, muse!

  2. >LOL Deb! Yeah, research… that’s what I always say too. ;)Y’know, I was thinking about the BIAW yesterday and wasn’t going to come up with an idea until next week. But guess what? I’ve got the idea and know a lot of the story already. I do LOVE my muse.*waving from downunder*

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