>My friend who is what Martha Stewart wants to be


Been hanging out all weekend with my husband’s cousin and his wife (who used to be my cousin’s roommate and whose brother-in-law married one of my aunt’s…it’s a very small town).
They live in the town of Mebane, just outside Burlington, in a house where they recently added a 3-car garage with a large bedroom over it (where hubby, kid and I slept). I have to say, that guest room is nicer than my whole fricking house. And immaculate…and well apportioned with large beds, big-screen television, its own air conditioning system…super nice.
The reason I mention all this…aside from wanting to remember how nice that room was when I get back to my little house…is that this woman has 2 little kids, 2 Labradors, a full-time job and still manages to keep a household that Martha Stewart would have envied. Fresh flowers, fancy toilet paper with little pictures on it (I buy whatever sandpaper is on sale, myself), air fresheners in outlets spread throughout the house, a full refrigerator and fully-stocked bar (I *never* have food in my house unless hubby shops for it), and all those little touches that make the difference between living and living like Martha.
I’m not living like Martha.  Love to visit people who are, but I don’t do it. Too busy trying to write. Heard hubby tell them last night how hard I’d been working on the writing…which was nice. Then I heard him tell them he hoped we won the lottery. LOL Now that’s probably about the funniest juxtaposition I’ve heard lately…


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  1. >You’ve been tagged….so if you were wondering what to blog about. . .we’re all dying to know 8 things about YOU!I may be a housewife, but I’m darn glad I didn’t marry the house…it would have divorced me by now!

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