>I’ve been tagged

>My husband’s cousin, Monica, asked me this weekend why I don’t write books about myself. I’m like, who in the heck wants to read a book about ME? Nobody.

Well, then Erica goes and tags me and I’m supposed to tell 8 things about myself. I’ve been racking my brain to come up with something. Eight drinks I like, eight foods I like, eight sleeping positions I like…then I realized, man I am one boring person. <grin>

Thought about 8 Places I’d like to see before I die…but couldn’t come up with 8. Basically, the Pyramids is it. LOL

Okay, the heck with it. 8 Things About Deb:

8. I write under 3 names…Debra Moore, Moira Reid, and one more secret name that nobody knows.

7. I get up at 4 am every day to write and I do it until I have to go to my day job where I work at a local sign shop (and have done for 11 years now).

6. I come home every night and write some more…usually until I fall over asleep on the damn keyboard.

5. I love to read…and I mean *love* to read. A good book can entertain me just about better than anything. Currently dying waiting for the new Harry Potter and new JR Ward books.

4. I weighed 260 pounds when I gave birth to my kid…I had no idea a woman could get that big. Let me just say, those were the days. Fat can be fun. The heath risks (and not being able to keep up with the kid) made me join Weight Watchers and lose the flab. Hubby honestly didn’t care either way…which is why I am the *luckiest* married woman on the planet.

3. I have a terrible potty mouth. My kid came home from school one day and said she’d said a bad word at school–she’s eight years old. I wanted to die imagining what it could have been. I said, “What was it?” She said, “Crap.” (And I’ve never been soooo grateful in my life.)

2. I have the greatest mother on the planet. Dad is pretty darn cool, too, and both of them live right next door. Hubby is the bomb; kid is a gift. And sister is pretty fandamntastic, too. A guy at work told me that I live the life of Ozzie and Harriet. And I like it like that.

1. I don’t like grocery shopping; I can only cook 7 things; I only clean house when I’m blocked on the writing; laundry is for sadists; I own 5 pairs of shoes; I basically never wear earrings; I have huge hands for a woman; if people forget my name, they always think it’s either Kathy, Donna or Susan; and at least once a week, someone comes into the shop and tells me that I look *exactly* like someone they know.

I’m tagging a couple of people…probably supposed to do 8…will have to work on that.


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  1. >Sorry to tag you…but had to laugh about the potty mouth. I don’t think my hubby ever says a bad word. . . .but just “honk” me off and I’ll let fly! One of my 2yo’s first words was shit…at least, until we found out it was supposed to be “SIT” — but for a bit there, I thought I was uber-bad mommy!

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