>Working on Bone Deep


Still working on the BIAW which it turns out is actually book in 9 days…and I’m going to need every one of them. Kid is staying with hubby’s mom this week, so it’ll be quiet around here which will help, but I’ve got to do 5k more to get this story finished. Problem: I’m out of story. LOL I already wrote the ending and am on the last scene before the end, and I just don’t picture it making 5k. We’ll have to see…

Just got back from Family Reunion 2007–it’s tough when that falls in the middle of the BIAW thingy. But, I sneaked (snuck?) off and wrote some here and there, while still trying to remain social. Well, as social as I ever am… ha! Can a writer ever really be social when everyone around them knows they could be novel fodder?


Okay, I’m done with that story. It ended up at 26515. Was supposed to be 30k, but the story just wasn’t that long, what can I tell you? It is what it is…and it wasn’t 30k. LOL

Time for plotting for BIAM…starts 8/1.

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  1. >But– You finished the book! Hurraye for you!!!I’ve got to get a plot ready for August too….

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