>Crop is done!


Back home from the big scrapbooking weekend! What a blast! Four solid days of scrapbooking around the clock! Obsessive compulsive, thy name is Deb. Oh, and we took a break and went to the Harry Potter Final Book Party at Barnes & Noble in Nashville and saw all the crazies (read fans like us!) waiting in line for the books that came out at midnight! Gotta love the photos! The kids all dressed up in Hogwarts costumes, some of the other characters…even an employee from the store dressed as Harry rode in on a cart of books. LOL Have to wonder if this is what J.K. had in mind while she was typing away…

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  1. >The ones I really liked were the women dressed up as the various professors, Luna, and the journalist woman with the magic pen (can’t think of her name) — I may have to be her for Halloween!

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