>Oh how bad am I?


Oh, I’m soooo bad!

Spent the entire weekend working on my story for BIAM (which isn’t until next month, but that’s not why I’m bad), sent a new story to Cobblestone Press (keep your fingers crossed–also, NOT why I’m bad), cleaned house in a Lilliputian effort (NOT why), put in three entries for the the RomanceJunkies contest (NOT why either), and basically did nothing domestic-no grocery shopping, no laundry, nada (sigh…also not why).

So WHY am I sooo bad? I finish up all that hard work for the weekend and go to enter my notes to some tracking software that, strangely enough, keeps me on track.

And I had to enter the date.

That’s when I realized it was my 12th Wedding Anniversary.

Oh, yeah. That’s why.

Walked into the bedroom (hubby was in bed already) and said, “Oh man, do you know what today is?” He goes, “Happy Anniversary.” I said, “How much do I really suck?” He said, “Not that much…I love you.” Oye. Getting a calendar with some pop-up reminders TODAY.
By the way, that is NOT me in the picture with hubby…but if I don’t get my act together, it might be in the future.


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2 responses to “>Oh how bad am I?

  1. >You’re too funny, Deb! You forgot your anniversary? Lol. Hope you made up for it. 😉

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