>Woe is the Writer

>“Therefore, if you are a control freak–and almost all writers are, that’s why we construct our own worlds–publishing will make you insane. If you are sensitive, and almost all writers are, publishing will leave scars on your soul. If you are an artist, and any good writer is, publishing will make you feel like a whore. Every published writer I know has tried to tell unpublished writers, “Listen, this is not a solution, this will not make things better, this will make it worse,” and nobody ever listens. But it’s true. Publishing will introduce you to pharmaceutical dependence and your local bartender.” –Jenny Cruise from the Cruise/Mayer workshop.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should (if you want to write, that is). The good stuff in there (and the frightening!) is all about writing. I can’t recommend it highly enough.



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  1. >Oh my…that is sooooo true!

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