>Brava Contest–I’m in!


Got the entry in today. Have to say that when I heard about this back in April, I thought, “Shoot! August! That’ll take forever to get here!” And, yes, here we are. It’s funny, but my first effort to write a novella for the contest ended in over 70k words. That story, Dish Served Cold, took off on me, and I couldn’t stop it! I finished the first draft, then set it aside for later work. (Oh, and funnier, I’d forgotten there was a theme to follow: reunited lovers. Well, Dish isn’t about that, so it would never have worked!)

So, I started another one…this one is called Rent-A-Husband (which ended just under 30k, barely within the word count limit). The submission rules: send in up to 750 words from anywhere in the manuscript. I edited the manuscript, then picked about 600-ish words, edited the heck out of those, and sent it in this morning.

The final entry deadline is 9/30, and the decisions don’t happen until like November (where I’ll be deep in Nano), so once more, the wait begins. Check out more details at their website: http://www.bravaauthors.com/.

Now, it’s 7:10 a.m., and I’ve got to go to my “real” job!



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