>Progress Report

>Got my first person story done (first draft) for the Valentine Chronicles I’m calling elovepro.com, although it’s a little short, only 8k, and it needs to be 10k–there are places to expand, though, that I glossed over, so I’m not worried–not to mention in the second draft, I’ll be fixing the “I” crap which will definitely add words. For somebody who always writes long, it was kinda shocking to have it be too short for a change! LOL Writing in first person is tough…I had a heck of a time doing it.

Didn’t get up early this morning since I’d written all weekend and I was just pooped. Still trying to finish reading Harry Potter book 7…almost done now. I have to say I always wanted Hermione and Harry to get together, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. Bummer. Also listening to Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card again on CD…love that book.

Mom read Bone Deep over the weekend (a story I wrote about a flight attendant whose ex-boyfriend/coworker is trying to have her fired because of their affair), and Mom said, “I was reading along and thought, ‘I know how that girl’s mind works–if she kills off this character, I’m going to smack her.'” LOL (I didn’t kill the character off, by the way–they got their HEA!)


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