>Working hard and steady

>Working hard and steady on BIAM–got one story done (10k), edited and submitted to the publisher and still working on the other one (65k). It was supposed to be ONE book for BIAM, but I had two going, so decided to keep working on them both. With one done now, I’m focusing on finishing the other.

Have 6 completed stories out floating in the world at the moment looking for homes, some only a few days, one of them out 140 days now. Wow, huh? You gotta have patience in this biz. Oh, and entered 3 different contests, and waiting to hear something on those. EC is looking for older women/younger men stories, too, and was thinking about something for that. Also heard that Samhain is once again open for subs and have been thinking about that a little bit. Waiting to hear from the ITC proposals at Cobblestone, too. That series of Vampire stories should be amazing and will ultimately go to print, and I *want* one of those cards BAD. Nano is just around the corner, and I haven’t thought of a thing for that yet. Need to do a little plotting for that before I begin; flying blind is not really a good approach for me. I had originally planned to take December off since the holidays are usually a blur anyway with so much to do…but I don’t know if that will happen now or not. It’s hard to imagine not writing something for a whole month anyway.

What else is going on? School starts again in two weeks, so we’ll be back on the rollercoaster, this time for third grade–9 years have gone by now…in 9 more, she’ll be off to college. If the next 9 go as quickly as the last 9, I’ll be xx years old (number deleted to protect the shocked) and still sitting at this table typing.

Can’t believe how quickly this summer has gone by. August is the hottest month in VA, so I’m thanking God for A/C right now as I can barely stand to go outside into that heat and humidity. My parents and hubby like golfing and keep trying to get me to go with them, but I’d rather walk on nails than stand out in that heat hitting a little white ball around with a stick. Rosie O’Donnell said it best: “Golf isn’t a sport; it’s men in ugly pants, walking.” I see those guys on the pro tour (hubby watches it constantly and the television is only a few feet from this table) and they are sweating their butts off. No thank YOU.

Sister asked me last night what the names of the characters were in this book I’m writing, and I had to think about it for a minute before responding. She said, “How can you not know their names?” I said, “Girl, I’ve created probably eighty-six people out of thin air just in the past eight months…I have to remember which one of them I’m talking about. Can you tell me the names of every character in the books you’ve read over the last eight months?” Speaking of which, I’ve also read 43 books in the last eight months which is a little slow, even for me. LOTS of characters floating around in my brain at the moment all talking nonstop and I can’t type fast enough. No wonder writers seem so preoccupied all the time.


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  1. >I know I’m not going to be taking December off this year….looks like I have a release coming out 25 January and don’t know if I’ll still be in edits for it or not…As for the ItC proposals…you and me both for wanting one “BAD”

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