>What a shocker!


Okay, I’m sorry but I just saw this and laughed out LOUD! Now that’s what I call a catchy title! Why can’t I ever think of titles like that???
I’m trying to picture how I could ever buy this book and read it *anywhere* in public without laughing the whole time–I have some kind of nervous condition or something, but that is cracking me UP!
Oh, I hear it’s a good book…and best of luck to the authors!


Filed under Shock and Dismay, The Process

3 responses to “>What a shocker!

  1. >I know that cover and title WILL make you take a second look, won’t it? I just might pick this one up. LOL But yeah, don’t know if I’ll be reading it “in public.” LOL

  2. Mel

    >I couldn’t imagine even reading it in my house. What if I left it sitting around and my daughter picked it up? No way am I ready for the birds and bees talk.

  3. >It’s definitely a cover and title that makes an impression!

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