>I’ve still got potential…

It appears I still have “potential” at EC.

Dear Debra,

Your submission to Ellora’s Cave Publishing has been read by our initial editorial reviewer. She felt it showed potential and has placed it in queue for an acquiring editor to consider. An editor will contact you if interested in seeing more of the story. Unfortunately, we are very backlogged and that step can take an additional two to twelve months or more. We do want to give every submission the attention it deserves.

Submissions Review, Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s the same potential I had last time I sent them something that ended up with an R. LOL Of course that book–well, it did stink–they were quite kind in their assessment of its stinkitude, but looking at it over a year later, I can see the flaws quite clearly. So, I’m sure they were right. I can’t even bring myself to work on it anymore…it’s too far gone. It’s hanging out under the bed at the moment collecting dust bunnies.

“Two to twelve months or more”…can you even *imagine* how many submissions they must get? They release books a couple of times a week now–on Wednesdays and Fridays; that’s a lot of books.

Is it just me, or does that logo look like Ellora Ate (8) Cave? I’ve been hungry, but I’ve never eaten a cave. Athough my last trip to the scale would beg to differ.


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