>Are Great Writers Born or Made?

>There’s a terrific post over at Bookends today about writers–what makes them good and what makes them great. Are they born that way? Can a passable writer become a great writer? What is that special “something” that differentiates the good from the great?

I’ve been a long proponent of the “made not born” school of thought, mostly because I like the idea that I can control the final outcome. I have this belief that if I keep at it long enough, work hard enough, and don’t give up that I can be great, too. (Probably that American-born thing. I, like many Americans, have an unwavering conviction that I make my own luck, drive my own destiny, and can control the final outcome–most likely from watching too many movies where Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and their kind destroy all enemies against astounding odds.) It could be delusion, but I live by it. If I bang away at this long and hard enough, I truly believe I can do anything I want to do, including be great.

If I’m wrong and I really did have to be born great, I could be in real trouble. Jessica (at Bookends) talks about a characteristic she refers to as “finesse” — the ability to “wow just about anyone with their writing.” She talks about how even people with excellent training, experience and ability may never achieve that level called “greatness” because they lack an inborn “finesse.” Well, for today, I elect to decide she’s wrong about that…



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  1. >Yeah! I agree. And I am in charge of MY destiny….with that said, I’m going to go eat a brownie!

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