>Follow-up on Yesterday’s Post


L. Shannon and I spend a lot of mornings writing together, usually around 4 a.m. which she hates because she’s not much of a morning person, but I make her do anyway because I am an “alpha bitch”–her words, not mine. She lives somewhere in the Northeast, and I live in the south, so we instant message. Have never seen the woman face-to-face, but I like her a lot. She raises and shows dogs and is a full-time writer. Last night we were talking about my post yesterday, and she said something I wanted to remember. I told her I was going to post the conversation on my blog, and she said that would be okay.

We had a very long discussion, but this is the heart of it:

Debra Moore: I did a blog post today on being a “great” writer.

L Shannon: I read it; nice post.

Debra Moore: Yeah, well, I’m not great. I’d like to be; hope I’m not wrong and you really do have to be born great.

L Shannon: I disagree with you and Bookends about the being born or made.

Debra Moore: You think a writer does have to be born great?

L Shannon: I think everyone is both, but to different degrees.

L Shannon: Like I have always loved books, but what if Cole never left…what if I never wrote the first word? What if I didn’t obsess about learning how to do it?

L Shannon: She (the woman at Bookends) mentions passion, which I think is important, but it isn’t the only thing or even the most important thing.

Debra Moore: What IS the most important thing?

L Shannon: Never give up, never surrender.



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2 responses to “>Follow-up on Yesterday’s Post

  1. >I agree. “Never Surrender” is the key to life as well as writing. You can be the most talented, gifted writer the world has ever known, but if you quit–it doesn’t matter. I have a friend capable of writing the most beautiful historical narrative you’ve ever read. So good it could make you weep, but she quit after a few rejections. I think each of us has the capacity for greatness. It simply comes easier to some. For others, they must fight tooth and nail.(This epiphany came to me the other day as I listened to Corey Hart sing that refrain on the satellite radio ’80s channel. It resonated so strongly with me, in fact, LOL, that “Never Surrender” is now the title of one of my upcoming wips!)

  2. >write, submit, write, submit…and never give up…and remember, “great” is subjective and face it…most “greaties” only acheived that recognition after they are dead.

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