>300 (The Movie)


Just saw 300, the movie. (released 2006, but I’m always a little behind because I like to watch movies with the closed captioning…much more of a reader than a watcher)

The thing about Spartans, well, to put it mildly, they were tough. They weren’t big on retreat, fear, surrender…stuff like that.

Persian: A thousand nations of the Persian empire descend upon you. Our arrows will blot out the sun!
Stelios: Then we will fight in the shade.

They also weren’t much for taking insults personally.

Persian General: Spartans, lay down your weapons.
King Leonidas: Persians! Come and get them!

They had a lust for life.

Queen Gorgo: Your lips can finish what your fingers have started.
Queen Gorgo: Or has the Oracle robbed you of your desire as well?
King Leonidas: It would take more than the words than a drunken adolescent girl to rob me of my desire for you.

And at least 300 of them didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Statesman: My good king! My good king! The oracle has spoken. The Ephors has spoken! There must be no march!
Theron: It is the law, my lord. The Spartan army must not go to war.
King Leonidas: And nor shall we. I’ve said no such order. I’m here, just taking a stroll, stretching my legs…
[pauses and looks back]
King Leonidas: These 300 soldiers are my personal bodyguard.

People not of their ilk didn’t really understand them:

Xerxes: Yours is a fascinating tribe… defiant even in the face of annihilation. There is much our cultures could share.
King Leonidas: Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but we’ve been sharing our culture with you all morning.

Oh, and I really like their sense of humor.

Xerxes: Consider the fate of your women.
Spartan King Leonidas: Clearly you don’t know our women! I might as well have marched them up here judging by what I’ve seen.

I got to thinking about that kind of devotion and single-minded desire–people doing what they were trained to do, what they were born to do, what they must do. When nothing can stop you but death which is not to be feared but embraced as life is embraced…that’s a life truly lived.


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2 responses to “>300 (The Movie)

  1. >Great post! I didn’t think about those awesome one-liners, but you’re right. They really made the movie! I wish I could be as quick with the come-backs as the king. LOL

  2. >Words? There were words to that movie? And here I thought it was just really hot hunky guys. Maybe I need to rewatch it! LOL

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