>Flea Training

>Just got a letter in the mail talking about flea trainers. According to the note:

“Flea trainers have observed a predictable and strange habit of fleas while training them. Fleas are trained by putting them in a cardboard box with a top on it. The fleas will jump up and hit the top of the cardboard box over and over and over again. As you watch them jump and hit the lid, something very interesting becomes obvious. The fleas continue to jump, but they are no longer jumping high enough to hit the top. Apparently, the discomfort of repeatedly hitting the top of the box forces them to limit the height of their jump.

“When you take off the lid, the fleas continue to jump, but they will not jump out of the box. They won’t jump out because they can’t jump out. Why? The reason is simple. They have conditioned themselves to jump just so high.”

Now, I don’t know much about fleas except that when I lived in Houston, they jumped pretty damn high and far and they bite like a son of a bitch. I never thought to gather them and put them in a box…I just moved to another apartment and got rid of the cat I’d found under my car one night who had brought in the fleas in the first place. (Now, I did go through the torture of bombing the place a couple of times first, but in the end, I just moved…it was easier.)

I think the point of the story (whether it is actually true or not) is if we have conditioned ourselves to believe we can only go so high, that’s as high as we go. The other point of the story is that if I could have gotten all those damn fleas in a box, I would have just thrown out the box and not had to move.


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  1. >And I thought those old flea circuses were wives tales. Silly me.And I will assure you…I’ll never stop jumping as high as I can, no matter how much those R’s and folded publishers hurt! Hope you do the same!

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