>Seducing Sabine…oye, the agony


“Crossing out is an art that is, perhaps, even more difficult than writing. It requires the sharpest eye to decide what is superfluous and must be removed. And it requires ruthlessness toward yourself…the greatest ruthlessness and self-sacrifice. You must know how to sacrifice parts in the name of the whole.” –Yevgeny Zamyatin

Yep, those last two days’ writing on the BIAW manuscript were pretty busy…I wrote for two days solid, productive and cranking out the words. 60 pages in 2 days. Sounds pretty good, huh? Yeah.

And now, the read-through has resulted in, yes, you guessed it: it all has to go. What a stinking load. It’s a plot problem really…the plot went off in a crazy direction that is not only unbelievable, it’s stupid. Stupid motivations, stupid resolutions, just stupid everything. The only good things were the characters. Them I like. They are just crying for a real story to be told and not the one I did tell.

I had to cut it all and start over (right around the spot I left off before those 2 days). Maybe I had to write those pages to find out they wouldn’t work. I suspect some serious plotting ahead of time would have stopped the trek down the wrong path, but then again, who knows? All I know for certain is that it’s fishfood.

The good news…hell, there’s no good news other than my fingers are still working. I can write something else now that I’ve given up on trying to figure out a way to keep the crap and make it work.

Oh, I do have some really good news…finished reading Lover Unbound. Oh yeah, that was a good book. Reading something like that makes you glad you don’t try to keep the crap…you’re not fooling anybody. If it’s crap, it’s crap. And when it’s not, ohhhh, it’s not.


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