>The Book Scammers!

> Read a blog today on my regular blog roll and found out something I suspected 20 years ago…(oh, the blog was: http://www.sfwa.org/beware/cases.html#Edit

A loooong time ago, had to be the late 80’s, I wrote a novel and sent it out into the world. Lots of rejections and then, voila! A letter saying “This story has potential but needs a book doctor.” I was thinking at the time, first of all: “What’s a book doctor?” and second, “I’m not paying for someone else to fix my book…I should do that myself.”

How many years later is it now, 20 years…and I find out that someone was attempting to scam me. Ever have one of those feelings, like something is not quite right…well, people, trust that feeling. Always. I trusted it and luckily avoided the scam.

I remember the header on that letter so well…I probably still have the letter somewhere even. (Have a tendency to keep writing junk.) It had that Edit Ink logo with the books at the top. Makes me grit my teeth just remembering it now.

So, the lesson for today is this: read writer and editor and agent blogs. read a lot of blogs…keep up with stuff. People are out there and some of them are trying to screw you if they can; forewarned is forearmed. I didn’t know better then, but I got lucky. Don’t leave stuff to chance. Inform yourselves so these shysters can’t take advantage of you. The writing biz is hard enough without heading down the wrong path.


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