>Preparing for the Nano

>National Novel Writing Month is officially a month away. This will be my sixth year on the wild ride that is nano. I heard about it in 2002, which was my first time trying to write an entire novel in 30 days–previous to that, we’re talking years here.

Thought I would make a note here, so I don’t forget:

2002 Please Bring All Medications With You-Nano Winner (crazy story involving the pyramids, dogs who could read minds, and a suicide…no idea what I was doing that year except typing)

2003 Angels Among Us-got 36k (Story about a woman contemplating suicide and is assigned a burnt-out angel to talk her out of it–I think I was on some kind of suicide novel kick…)

2004 The Truth As It Was-Nano Winner (Story about a defunct software development company and its insane employees’ angst)

2005 Hawkes Abandon-Nano Winner, published Cobblestone Press 2007 (romantic suspense: a psychic ex-FBI agent who must prevent a terrorist attack)

2006 Pay Dirt-Nano Winner, published Cobblestone Press date tba (romantic suspense: woman wins the Texas Two-Step Lotto and her life goes straight in the crapper.)

Got close in 2003, but didn’t quite get it done. And now, we have 2007. As soon as I finish this second draft of Seducing Sabine (which is driving me absolutely insane), I’m going to do some outlining for this year’s story. Have no idea what I’m going to write about yet. Yo and I talked about each of us doing a suspense story geared toward Harlequin Intrigue. I’ll probably write something suspense, but not sure what yet. Hoping for an idea soon.

The 5 best things about Nano:

1. You find you really can write a whole book in a month and have fun doing it.
2. With each subsequent year, the stories actually get better…and easier
3. You’re not alone anymore…last year they had thousands of people doing it.
4. At the end, you have a first draft of a whole book.
5. It’s FREE…and for a total cheapskate, that is good! (though they do take donations!)


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