Okay, Yolanda_Sfetsos tagged me today.

If you’re tagged, you need to write your own blog about your eight things and post the rules. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to tag and list their names. If you participate, don’t forget to leave your people a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Yo told 8 things about herself…I hate talking about me. Here are 8 stories I wrote this year and where they stand.

  • Hawkes Abandon-edited and pubbed Cobblestone Press (SC) 60k
  • Rent A Husband, Inc.-wrote, edited and subbed to Brava Novella Contest 30k
  • Dangerous Truth-final edit and subbed for Malice Domestic contest 97k
  • Seduction 101-wrote, edited and subbed to Samhain 18k
  • Pay Dirt-wrote, edited and sold to CS 48k
  • Paid in Full-wrote, edited and sold to CS (Valentine Monologues) 10k
  • Sunlight, The Vampire Oracle-wrote, sold to CS 18k
  • Gift of the Flesh-wrote, edited and subbed to CPQ mag 2k

Now, my people…whom to torture?

Samara King
Shelli Stevens
Antonia Pearce
Emma Petersen
Amy Reed
L. Shannon
Lyric James
A.L. Debran


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  1. >Ha! Shonna tagged me and I just put it up. I’ll add your name to the list of people who tagged me 😛

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