>My Birthday is Tomorrow

>My birthday is tomorrow, and I’ll be 29 again…for about the 16th time. I’m getting good at it now.

This is how much the people who love me know about me: I got 3 presents for my birthday:

1. A new desk and chair. (Now I don’t have to write at the dining room table anymore–or on the couch or on top of the bed or in the floor)
2. A new pair of pajamas and new slippers (my typical writing attire)
3. A whole set of products to repair my feet (this gift was from my sister who has serious foot issues anyway–I will say this: they work. My feet are now softer than the skin on my face. I wonder if they have a pumice stone and callus cream that fixes wrinkles…)


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One response to “>My Birthday is Tomorrow

  1. >I am despondent that I missed your Birthday!!! Waaaaah!Happy Belated Birthday, Deb!!!I’ll console myself with the knowledge that you got such a cool prezzie! 🙂

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