>Nano Begins!


National Novel Writing Month is finally here! Woohoo!
This year’s attempt: Deep Cover.
I’ll come back and post the blurb as soon as I find it. Know I have it somewhere…
Ex-Navy Seal Butch Markham doesn’t want this job. He hates boats, and he especially hates the rich who own them. His financial institution, also known as Woody, the loan shark, isn’t extending his credit any further, though…he needs this job.
Claire Simonson doesn’t want a bodyguard, but her father hired one anyway, and he’s a handsome, hunky bastard. Two attempts on her life later, her father wins the battle, and Butch takes over her life. No more parties, no more shopping…no more nothing.
Just Butch, day and night, right next to her every minute. Which is worse? The possibility that the killer will finally get to her, or that he will?

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