>Nano Math – Day 8

>As of day 8, I’m at 19,586. Only a tad shy of 20k.

One way I keep myself honest is to keep a daily record of how many words I’ve written. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

11/1/07 1,691
11/2/07 148
11/3/07 5,243
11/4/07 2,818
11/5/07 2,470
11/6/07 3,097
11/7/07 1,918
11/8/07 2,201

And since I’m a lover of math problems (and obviously procrastination), I also figured up my average word count per day which turned out to be 2,448. Want to know the standard deviation? LOL

I’ve hooked up my voice software over the last week to help get the thing written quicker–30 days just isn’t very much to get through a full-length first draft of something.

Now voice software is fabulous, and I’m going to blog on it on Sunday at the Keyboards On Fire blog – D is for Dragon Dictate. But there are a couple of drawbacks-one being that voice software sometimes makes mistakes you might have trouble correcting, especially if you can’t figure out what in the heck you were trying to say when you read it later. The second drawback is that I’ll say things out loud that I think sound fine, but when I read them later, they are just plain stupid.

I got a good belly laugh out of this one, so thought I’d share it:

He wanted her, her body called him like a siren in the night across the ocean, long moonbeams striking the water as waves crashed on the shore, the sound and salt and cool fresh air. She was all these things, and as she lay in his arms, his fingers tangling and untangling in her long blond hair, he knew he was in the some, serious shit that might get them both killed.

Okay, that is just funny. Putting aside the run-on sentence that would gag any English teacher, and also putting aside the crazy ocean metaphor that came out of nowhere and makes no sense whatsoever…there’s no way I would have typed that sentence. Said it? Sure! But typed it?? Ha! Halfway through the “long moonbeams” I would have stopped and thought, “Good gravy…what is this crap?” and deleted it before I got another word typed. If you want to get through a first draft, you can’t sit around saying stuff like that to yourself. Time is a valuable resource…and you can’t use up a lot of it thinking “I’m amazed at how ridiculous I can sound if I put my mind to it.”

So, I laugh, and keep on moving. There’ll be plenty of time in December to chop that crap out.

Now, when I type manuscripts, I’m a little more discerning on what I keep in the first draft. I’m still in the process of seeing which is the better way–i.e., which way gets the story to the final, finished stage quicker. Is it better to do the best you can in the first draft, then go back and hopefully have fewer things to fix? Or is it better to throw everything in there in the first draft, and go crazy with the edits? I can tell you which way is less stressful on the backend! LOL On the other hand, I’ve gone through slowly typing the first draft thinking everything is pretty good, gotten to the end and found out entire sections don’t belong in the book and had to cut them. That ends up taking longer than speaking the words then cutting them.

Like I said, it’s a learning process. Trial and error mostly. I have high hopes that one of these days I’ll figure out what works best.



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2 responses to “>Nano Math – Day 8

  1. >I’d love to see a demo of the dragon software…is there a big learning curve? Does it really garble your sentences…and can you dictate and eat popcorn at the same time? (Okay, maybe not that last one ~ LOL)

  2. >It doesn’t garble them if you really train it at the beginning then correct each mistake via their instructions. If you don’t correct them, it keeps making them. One correction, it doesn’t make that mistake again.Eating and talking, Ericka?? Tut tut. What would your mother say?

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