>Nano – Day 11

>Got some done this weekend on the nano…am currently sitting at 27,368. Decided I was far enough ahead on Deep Cover to finish up a couple of other things I need to get done this month too.

Got the first and second round of edits done and to Cobblestone for Paid In Full, a short story I wrote in the first person for their Valentine Chronicles.

Wrote the synopsis for Seducing Sabine and submitted that with the completed manuscript to Ellora’s Cave for their Older Woman/Younger Man call for submissions which, if they buy it, would come out in May 2008.

Sent an email to and received a follow-up note from Heidi Moore that yes, she has indeed received the changes I sent to Samhain for Seduction 101 and it is next on her TBR pile. (I was starting to panic that it got lost in the “web”…typical writer angst.)

Got word that notices for winners in the Brava contest will be notified via phone or email by November 15th which is a scant few days away. Plenty of time for praying in there.

Just opened up a piece of flash fiction I’d started and got stuck on right before Nano began and thought I’d try to finish that up–I heard that flash fiction is supposed to be short, but unfortunately, mine is at 5k now and I need another 5k probably. Now, I have an idea of how to finish it, though, so I’m gonna work on that tonight and tomorrow morning. Plenty of time still to get back to the nano. Who really needs sleep anyway, right?

Wrote my blog post for keyboards on fire and posted it.

Oh, and participated in a forum workshop on plotting and won a book! Woohoo!

Busy weekend…did I mention I also had company all weekend, too (and cleaned out my closets, grocery shopped, took the kids to the bookstore, and cooked for 7 people 3 times–I never cook unless I have company; I hate cooking.) My mother in law pointed out that I am attached to my laptop in a way that is counterproductive to a good marriage. My husband (who spent the weekend hunting) did not agree, thank God. He just sent me a text message a moment ago suggesting we might need to do some “research” for my next book. Now, I ask you, does that sound like a counterproductivity problem to you?

Confession: I got even. While I was grocery shopping with her over the weekend, I stopped in the condom aisle and proceeded to toss about five boxes of them into the cart (just to torture her). She had the last word, though. “No wonder you look so tired all the time!”



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2 responses to “>Nano – Day 11

  1. >Shrieking with laughter over your revenge and her snide comment! I’d love to be that tired all the time (le sigh)

  2. >Yeah, she got me good on that one…darn!

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