>Thankful for Word Count


Decided on Thanksgiving to check on my word count (which I am *very* thankful for–LOL).

The blue bars are monthly totals, but look at those red bars…isn’t it cool how small amounts every month add up?? Gotta love math.

The totals are
JAN 5,900
FEB 13,019
MAR 62,713
APR 55,011
MAY 8,959
JUL 47,153
AUG 37,036
SEP 11,130
OCT 31,769
NOV 44,057

Even with June being a big fat 0 (editing that month, cutting words more than adding) and a low January, all those little numbers still added up to 316,347. Cool.

Now, enough fooling around…gotta go finish my nano story. I’m about 5629 from the end now.


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