> Yes, I made it! Yahoo! Nano is one of the most fun rides I’ve ever been on sitting in one place. It’s wild, it’s crazy, and it’s stupid in a wonderful, entertaining way. That’s my favorite part about it. It’s just a nutty thing to do for no other reason than to watch a story unfold in ways I don’t limit by my outline or my more serious nature. It’s writing for the joy of writing.

I write every day, and I’ve had stories published. So, it’s not like writing is something I don’t take seriously. I try to write the best stories that I can–but nano is something else entirely. Nano is shoving out a first draft for the sheer whoopidee of it…it’s just frigging fun.

Have read a lot of discussion lately on how National Novel Writing Month basically deemphasizes the difficulty of writing to the level that anyone believes that Yes, of course anyone can write a novel.

Well, based on this experience (and 4 others where I “won” nano), I can say that while I can write a lot of words, it’s far from being a real “novel” at the moment. I skipped entire scenes (planning to write them later) where I jotted down notes like “love scene goes here” and “they gotta get out of this somehow.”

Anyone can write a first draft…I’ll give you that. It takes patience and a lot of time, but it can most definitely be done by anyone who sets their mind to it. However, turning that draft into a novel someone would want to read is something else entirely.

Meanwhile, I’m celebrating. The first step has been taken…and in this biz, you can’t do much with ideas that are not written down. Now, it’s written down.


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