>Typical Cold, Winter Morning in Life of Writer

>It’s 4 a.m. and I’m trying to wake my writing buddy:

Deb: I’m up when you are…LOL
Deb: you’re supposed to be getting out of bed, girl
Deb: stop hitting that snooze button
(an hour later)
Writer Buddy: but the snooze is my friend
Deb: mine too…I hear ya
Deb: okay, autocrit in operating order:
Deb: BEFORE: The thief jumped up from the ground, one hand around his neck and looked at Nick, sizing him up as no threat whatsoever. He jumped toward Nick as if to push him out of the way, but Nick turned to the side, letting the thief stumble past him. “Anyone? I hear somebody.”
Deb: AFTER: The thief jumped up from the ground, rubbing his neck with one hand as he sized Nick up. Seeing him up as no threat whatsoever, Trenchcoat leapt toward him, but like a bullfighter avoiding an oncoming bull, Nick slid aside again letting the thief stumble past him. “Anyone there? I hear somebody.”
Deb: NOW THE KEY QUESTION: is it any friggin better?
Writer Buddy: hmm. I think…. yes, but I am still asleep
Deb: it’s subtle…yeah, that’s it
Deb: it’s just subtle
Deb: 🙂
Deb: the difference between novels, and fabulous, well-edited novels…yeah
Deb: that’s what I’m telling myself as I’m on page 7 out of 120
Writer Buddy: ouch
Deb: I know one thing…it looks like the red pen brigade on these pages. this better be frigging helping is all I can say.
Writer Buddy: lol
Deb: how you doing this morning?
Writer Buddy: blah and its too damn cold to write
Writer Buddy: I have to buy firestarters.
Writer Buddy: otherwise I spend hours cussing and never get fire anyhow
Writer Buddy: <–not a pyromaniac
Deb: i hear ya…might want to think about plain old ceramic heater near the feet
Deb: and blankets on the body
Writer Buddy: have blankets and those work good
Writer Buddy: but I can’t type with mittens
Writer Buddy: lol
Writer Buddy: or write before the break of dawn
Deb: get some of those biker gloves with the fingers cut out (oh and quit your bitching)
Deb: perching over the keyboard in those with blankets…I’m telling you. I think that’s how Hemingway got started and why he wrote such sparse prose…too frigging cold to add adjectives
Writer Buddy: sorry to say gal, but I think today will be one of those days when it just isn’t going to happen.
Deb: well, you did get up…that’s progress
Writer Buddy: okay new goal…. some form of heat that does not require me to do shit at 5am.
Deb: good choice
Deb: i know…I have a fireplace mantle I’ve had for 3 years now that still isn’t hooked up
Deb: can’t afford the tank and wiring
Deb: because it appears we CAN afford a storage shed for hunting gear
Deb: ballistic is the word that comes to mind
Writer Buddy: ouch
Writer Buddy: well if it weren’t 40 degrees I’d be writing this morning…but alas it is at least in my bedroom
Deb: damn
Writer Buddy: <–one tough bitch
Writer Buddy: but not that tough
Deb: well, climb back under the covers
Deb: and get some heat today
Deb: maybe an electric blanket
Writer Buddy: will you be writing/editing after work?
Deb: oh yeah
Writer Buddy: I’ll see you then
Deb: ok
Writer Buddy: I’m hoping to write like a nut and get done or damn close today. see you later
Deb: later!



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2 responses to “>Typical Cold, Winter Morning in Life of Writer

  1. >Good luck with the writing and stay warm! Hopefully that mantle will get hooked up soon for you.

  2. >Good luck with the writing and stay warm! Winter mornings suck around here too…but the afternoons have been loverly and warm.

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