>Thank Heavens That is DONE!

>This morning I finally finished the last round of edits on Pay Dirt. I’m telling you, that was a lot of work.

The editing portion of the writing is tedious and disheartening sometimes. Just when you think it’s ready to roll, you read it again…and find more things to change. Then you’re done…really done.

And you read it again. And find more–Where’d that come from? What was I thinking? WTH?

One of the dumber mistakes (other than an entire paragraph I somehow duplicated and had in there twice!) was:

“We’ve been letting you in on our information for your own piece of mind.”

I read that and thought, “Well, if he can spare some pieces…”

But the scariest was this: I’m in the last round of edits…last chance to get it right before it’s out of my hands and goes out into the world.

I’m on the pivotal scene–the scene everything in the book hinges on. She leaves the police station and the bad guy abducts her. She has the presence of mind to toss her purse into the bushes–the purse containing the winning lotto ticket–as a clue to her hero. He knows what that ticket means to her…knows she’d never let it go.

And what did I almost do wrong?? HE HAD THE TICKET IN HIS WALLET. It wasn’t in her purse! One scene ago, he’d shoved it into his damn wallet!!!

That’s the kind of stuff that’ll keep you up nights. I read something like that in a book, and I’m OUT. The story is no longer real to me…it was a HUGE mistake. And I was one second away from making it. The editor didn’t catch it in 3 rounds of edits…but then, neither did I! Just imagine…all that work for nothing.

Seriously, it’s no wonder some writers are drinkers.


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