The World’s Most Annoying Alarm Clock

Here’s the sound of the world’s most annoying and chipper (verging on manic) alarm clock. Let me set the scene. It’s 4:30 a.m. Your computer is on…and…a “friend” instant messages you:


Debra Moore: good morning
L Shannon: hey
Debra Moore: you know, my body count on brava was wrong. there are 6 more finalists to be announced
Debra Moore: mine was #14
L Shannon: I know
Debra Moore: i thought there were 4 more, but it’s 6 more i guess
L Shannon: right
Debra Moore: so today’s Jan 2nd -2
Debra Moore: Jan 7th -2
Debra Moore: Jan 14th – 2…then the judging.
Debra Moore: so, what you doing? Ready to get going on Zeven?
L Shannon: s;eepong
Debra Moore: feeling like you just went to bed? i read until 1–wired
L Shannon: no, I m exhausted and havng much troube keeping my eyes open
Debra Moore: heh heh … all part of my evil plot
Debra Moore: first i get you exhausted
Debra Moore: then you begin writing in your sleep fulltime
Debra Moore: with new words to add to the dictionary
Debra Moore: like s;eepong and troube
Debra Moore: you can go back to bed later! get up!
L Shannon: ok
Debra Moore: does that mean you’re getting up or placating me?
L Shannon: placating you
Debra Moore: get your booty UP!
Debra Moore: <author name deleted> doesn’t sleep in!
Debra Moore: she GETS UP
Debra Moore: <another author name deleted> sleeps in, and look at the quality of her books lately!
Debra Moore: LOL
L Shannon: I’ll bet that bitch sleeps til 9 everyday–then has the maid wake her
Debra Moore: i’ll bet she doesn’t have me bugging her though
L Shannon: nope

Debra Moore: so, you’re ready to write now. you’re typing English again (always a good sign)
L Shannon: drinking dew and it isn’t helping
L Shannon: nope
Debra Moore: come on! you’re wasting precious time–quit cher bitching and let’s do this!
L Shannon: I’m seriously thinkig you can write on without me this mornign,
Debra Moore: it’s not like i know what I’m gonna write on anyway
L Shannon: lol
Debra Moore: rent’s done
Debra Moore: pay dirt’s done
Debra Moore: hmm
Debra Moore: i guess i’m all done for a while.
Debra Moore: i could go back to sleep with a clear conscience
Debra Moore: YOU on the other hand have LOTS to do
L Shannon: but none of what I do now will be worth a nickel
Debra Moore: then write your cover letter for brava until you wake up
Debra Moore: it’s a new year
Debra Moore: time to leap into it
Debra Moore: get out of bed
Debra Moore: and let’s WRITE
L Shannon: YAWN. you can figure out what you want to work on and catch up on your blogging; I think I”m going to hit the snooze
Debra Moore: i’m gonna find a file to open, and SO ARE YOU! Now get with it–final warning. I’ll be NYT Bestselling author and you’ll be counting sheep and eating cheese macaronichinesewhatevers
L Shannon: lubbs you too. but really I’m not functionign here. catch you in a little bit
Debra Moore: oh all right….
Debra Moore: sigh
Debra Moore: i gave it my best effort



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4 responses to “The World’s Most Annoying Alarm Clock

  1. >You know… its only because you make me laugh that I haven’t killed you yet. You know that, right? LOLOLShannon

  2. >I’d always suspected…and yet, I enjoy it soooo much. LOL

  3. >Followed you over from Cobblestone Press’s blog feed. 😀 Sounds like you’re a GREAT alarm clock! I should find one that convinces me to stop watching Scrubs reruns and get to work.

  4. Excellent Blog !!!! Thanks for your info

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