>Computer difficulties and solutions or "My kingdom for a geek"


I struggled all evening with my wireless headset trying to get it to work with my Bluetooth connection. I even spent about 45 minutes retraining it so that it would work better. The good news is that it seems to be working okay now. Its ability to pick up sound is much better than the wired headset that came with the software. It is recognizing almost every word I’m saying, and I’m talking pretty fast. I’m almost tempted to try to write some more tonight now that I have it working, but it’s after 11:30 and 4 o’clock comes early. The only problem I still haven’t overcome is why it keeps disconnecting–I guess it’s losing the signal. I don’t know why either because I haven’t moved from this spot. Hmm…

Well, I can honestly say that this microphone is about 1000% better than the other one. So far it has made two errors, both of which were me mumbling instead of speaking clearly. And I am not speaking slowly either. I’m talking about the same speed I use when I talk on the telephone which is pretty darn fast. The great thing I love about this one is that its wireless. I could stare off into space as I’m doing right now and talk and my computer types away. I can already feel the relaxation of my wrists not having to type everything. Now, of course, the question remains: Will this make me write faster? You have to imagine the story in your mind and how you’ll play it out as you’re talking. I waffle

I actually bought this headset a long time ago, has to be over a year maybe almost 2. Yeah, I think I got the laptop in June of 2006 and I bought this headset about six months later. When I sat down the first time to use it I had trouble for some reason, and I set it aside and went back to typing. Then later, when I was going to try it again, I couldn’t find it because we had so many visitors coming and going we often had to scramble to clean up the guest bedroom at the last second. The guest bedroom is where I keep all my writing junk, so needless to say a lot of things get shoved underneath the bed, into the closet, on top of the dresser…and they get lost.

The only reason I found it this time was because I swore I wasn’t going to stop looking until I did. I was almost certain it had not left this room. There was no reason anyone who lives here (but me) would remove it, and I couldn’t imagine where I would’ve put it if I had removed it. So I went on a manhunt and finally found it crammed underneath the bed in a plastic bin where I probably put it in the first place. Then of course, when I plugged it in, the computer asked for the password codeand I had forgotten that. So I had to find the manual.

Imagine me going through the same search again. All this time I’m getting instant messages from people and trying to answer them while typing and wishing I had my headset while searching for the book so that I could find the password…to say I was a little bit overwrought is an understatement…I was pissed. Now it is almost midnight on a Monday night and I have written absolutely nothing tonight except these paragraphs to assure myself that yes, all that work was worth it. I guess I am convinced. Maybe tomorrow will be better…


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  1. >You’ve got a geek right here! šŸ˜€ Of course, I may not have been able to fix that. ;)Glad you got it working, though!

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