>Stuff you should know about if you don’t


I was thinking this morning of all the great places I have found over the past year and a half–web sites, blogs, newsletters, Yahoo groups…there is a lot of good information out there, and whenever I come across a piece of it, I always think, I’m so glad I found that–now how am I going to remember where it is? I try to make a note to myself so I can find it again when I need it, but I also find that I have a lot of organizational tools and sometimes I end up spreading this information around too much instead of compiling it all in one place. I thought this morning I would try to compile some of it, so this post is basically a summary of lots of cool places I’ve found into one place. I have some of these listed on my web site under the section “writers resources” and when I get a second, I’m going to add all the info from this post to it, too. Yeah, when I get a second…oye.

I should mention that none of the owners of these web sites and newsletters probably even know I exist. This is not a paid advertisement! ha!

Electronic Newsletters.There is really only one way to achieve a Goal: Take action consistently for as long as it takes.” –Randy Ingermanson: Randy Ingermanson has a free ezine (electronic magazine delivered via e-mail). (I got one this morning which is what made me think to post all this.) Sign up at his web site http://www.advancedfictionwriting.com/. He always has great information about goals, writing, and marketing. They come out every so often (I’m sure he has a schedule but I’m not sure what it is), and whenever they do come out, I stop what I’m doing and read them.

National Novel Writing Month forum. It is astounding how much information is available on this forum. Especially under the section about tools for writers. To sign up for nano is free and in no way requires you to actually participate, although I can recommend it. Once you are signed up you have full access to the forums. visit this place at www.nanowrimo.org

Agent blogs and Books on Writing. Plenty of literary agents and publishers have web sites and blogs out there–a list of the ones I visit regularly is available at https://readmoore.com/writersresources.htm. I have been doing a pretty good job of keeping that up to date. Also on that page you will find a list of the books I can recommend about writing. I’ve probably read every book on writing there is to read, mostly because I just like to read them, but this is what I would consider the cream of the crop at the moment. Some people also enjoy the more ethereal texts (like The Artist’s Way, for example), but I am more as a nuts and bolts kind of person.

Writing Software. There are a lot of great places on the web to get free software (you have to watch out for spyware and things like that…but this web site has none of that). Simon Haynes has one of the coolest bunches of free software for writers that I’ve found–and everything is free and as far as I can tell was called created by him. Go to www.spacejock.com. ywriter is an organizational type software that helps you get your draft into some semblance of a structure and is really quite ingenious. Sonar is software I use for tracking submissions, and it works incredibly well. I actually conversed with this guy one time when I was having a difficulty with the software, and he not only replied immediately, but he also explained how I could solve the problem even though the software wasn’t designed to do what I was trying to do. Hell of a nice guy. (Oh, and there are a ton of articles on this site about writing, too…the one on basic plotting is pretty ingenious really…simple yet effective…the double threat!)

Yahoo groups. Anybody writing electronic books for any length of time knows the value of Yahoo groups–joining them, starting them, promoting on them, and reading information provided through them. At first the whole group environment felt very awkward to deal with for me, but now I wouldn’t go a day without checking what is going on through the loops. Sign up at www.yahoo.com and this is also a free service.

myspace. I want to mention myspace although I know very little about it, and I don’t have a my space page–I mention it because a lot of writers do and they love it. One of these days maybe I will break down and get one, but at the moment I am not convinced that it will help me that much, not to mention I can only keep so much in my head at one time. My space to me is overwhelming.

Cobblestone Press Forum. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my publisher’s forum, but quite honestly I wouldn’t mention it if it weren’t helpful. The forum is great for keeping up what is going on, meeting and conversing with an incredibly talented and supportive group of writers, and just some plain fun. Another free join, most sections of this forum are available to anyone–there are some areas that are only available to cobble stone authors. http://www.cobblestone-mainstreet.com

Preditors and Editors. Anybody writing and submitting work should know about this site…tons of info! I won’t go into it all, but you should go there if you haven’t and see what I mean. http://anotherealm.com/prededitors/

Author Sites Have Resources. Almost every writer I know compiles lists like this on their web site. Instead of keeping my own separate list of sites, I often go straight to each author’s web site and click on the links they’ve compiled. (This could backfire on me one of these days if they ever change their links.) The one that springs to mind first is Shannon’s…tons of links on that one page, and I do mean tons. You could spend a week checking them all out. Start there: http://www.lshannon.net/writers.html and just branch out is my advice. She doesn’t know I’m telling you this, but she won’t mind the plug. Great writer, hell of a nice chick, and there really is a ton of good info on her site.

Finally, I would really be stupid not to mention my own newsletter and yahoo group, you can find the links at my website www.readmoore.com. Would love to have you join.

In the “information age” the one thing I know is this: loads of information, not all of it helpful, some of it very helpful but not always easy to find. Keep a list of your own and post me a link to it, would ya?



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  1. >Thanks for mentioning my site – and yes, I know you exist ;-)(All the software & articles were written/designed by me, so your guess was correct.)

  2. >The worldwide web is such a small place…and that’s a side note for anyone thinking about saying something “not nice” on the web anywhere…stuff gets back. Rule for the day: “be nice.”Thanks for noticing me, Simon! And thanks for the great software!

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