>Yet another crazy week

>Haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been writing on manuscripts, signing contracts and generally losing my marbles.

Samhain sent the contract for Seduction 101, which I signed and will mail today. My editor, Heidi (wonderful woman), promptly sent me 3 more forms to fill out…and she promises even more later. We haven’t even begun the editing. She says she’s shooting for an early spring release which means I need to shake my money maker and roll.

I wrote and edited my Samhain contest entry for their Red Hot Summer submission. Got that off by the deadline. (I let Shannon talk me into this craziness.)

Book-in-a-week started on the 7th and I was supposed to be writing a Wicked story for their new line by today, but the story turned into an entry for the Amber Heat contest, deadline tomorrow. So editing like crazy in order to get that emailed today (more of Shannon’s wildwoman influence). Meanwhile, had started another story, but had to stop at 8k because it went off track and will take some doing to finish–most likely about 3 months of work and 95k–the short story that wanted to eat the world.

Got my Keyboards blog post finished and in, about 15 minutes late. L is for Love Your Readers in case you want to check it out.

Also threw birthday party for kid this weekend…which turned out great. She’s happy, I’m happy.

Next step: after finish and enter that Amber Heat thing, think I’m going to go back to “out of control” story and see if I can whip that into shape and work on it (while getting paperwork for Samhain done and final editing done on Brava entry and mail that off). January is turning out a tad busier than I’d originally anticipated. And truth be told, I really do want to try again on that Wicked story…sigh.



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2 responses to “>Yet another crazy week

  1. >My Wicked story is going to be too long for a wicked (12-15K) and too different for a tryst (I think) — So I’m looking for a new market for mine, too. Good luck with all the contests! Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Lia

    >Wow–you are busy! That’s awesome, though. Go, you!

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