>Hey hey I wanna be a rock star

>Loving you tube… http://youtube.com/watch?v=uK4niyFhERs

Tell me what you want…I want a brand new house on an episode of Cribs and a bathroom I can play baseball in, and a king size tub big enough for ten plus me (singing)

So far in January, I’ve written 48,000 words–2 Amber Heat contest entries, a story I started that wasn’t working out (I’ll have to return to later), and the new story I’m working on. Oh, and a story I finished but can’t send in to the Wicked line until they open for general subs.

Sign a couple autographs so I can eat my meals for free (singing louder)

Also, finished 2 rounds of edits on my vamp story (Sunlight) and a round on the Samhain story (Seduction 101). Filled out mounds of paperwork for new publisher, did a few blog posts at Keyboards blog, and both of my blogs.

And we’ll hide out in the private rooms with the latest dictionary and today’s who’s who (singing even louder)

Mastered my blog feed doohickey at igoogle which rocks…so now I know whenever anyone posts to the blogs I read every day without having to actually go to the blog to check.

So how you gonna do it…I’m gonna trade this life for fortune and fame, I’d even cut my hair and change my name…(still singing)

Oh, and I almost forgot…that piano guy I found on YouTube by accident? That is the shiznit. I was playing Hey Jude and singing like a maniac the other night. Brilliant! (the guy, not the singing)

Hey hey, I wanna be a rockstar!


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  1. >Wow! You go, girl! You’re really on a roll. That’s awesome!I’ve only done 22k words, but 12k of those have been in the last four days. I’ve put out one proposal, one submission, and outlined this story (which was an extended, painful process that paid off big time). You’re beating the pants off me!Which sounds like fun, thinking about it…

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